1. Our “sticker” price tends to be much lower than that of comparable private 4-year institutions in the Northeast.

  2. 98% of first-year students receive funding from University scholarships and/or need-based grants.

  3. We hire nearly 1,100 students in on-campus jobs and on-campus internships.

  4. We guarantee your RWU institutional aid will remain with you for all four years of full-time undergraduate study. We do this to ensure you have a solid financial road map to completing your degree.

  5. The average RWU new student institutional award is $18,655.

Quick Facts

“At Roger Williams, Affordable Excellence is a two-part commitment: to provide an excellent private education and to do it in the most affordable way possible. Our aid policies, our tuition, our scholarships offered, are all to ensure access to the amazing educational experience we provide to as many students as possible regardless of their financial situation.”

Dr. Ioannis Miaoulis
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